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Ed Edd n Eddy: Plank Theory

Has anyone considered that Plank seems to be more than just a piece of wood? I think that he might be a chaotic, supernatural entity taking the form of an inanimate piece of wood. For instance, consider how Plank knows things that Jonny wouldn't have any real way to know.
In "Who Let the Ed In?", Edd and Eddy consult Jonny on what to do about Ed's new invisible friend, Jib. Jonny has no idea what they're talking about, since all they say is: "Ed has an imaginary friend. Can you help us?" and Jonny says: "Imaginary friend? What's that? ... Sorry. I don't know what you're talking about." Then Plank suggests building an invisible trap. This suggests that Plank has knowledge beyond Jonny's. In another instance, in "Little Ed Blue", absolutely no one knows what's going on with Ed and his uncharacteristic bad mood. Then Jonny, while trying to get Plank back from a grouchy Ed, tells Plank he's trying to get him. Plank then tells him something, to which Jonny responds: "You want me to what? That's weird, buddy. But I'll do it." He then pulls off Ed's shoe, revealing the pebble that was bothering Ed the whole time. How might Jonny have known to do this on his own? It is possible that Plank is a Cthulian entity with unfathomable knowledge that appears in the form of an inanimate object.
Plank not only knows things, but can also do things that a normal inanimate object shouldn't be able to do. In "Gimme, Gimme Never Ed", at the end of the show where the three Eds are accomanying Plank on their final, craziest roller coaster, he somehow sneaks away, even without Jonny noticing, and appears next to the level that sets the roller coaster in motion. Then, from a seemingly steady position, Plank falls forward and starts the roller coaster. From the script: [Plank is leaning against a rock. He falls forward onto a step, tripping the wires that hold the cart back. The cart starts to move onto the ride.] Key words to note being "leaning against a rock". Most inanimate objects can't tip forward from a resting position. Also, in "For the Ed, by the Ed", Jonny throws Plank, who rescues Jimmy from the Kanker Sisters by bouncing around the alley, bonking them on the heads, and tripping them. Normally, if someone were to throw a piece of wood at someone, it would bounce off of them, then land on the ground and be done with it. But the way that Plank ricochettes around and utterly defeats the Kanker Sisters suggests that Plank isn't entirely an inanimate object.
Plank isn't an evil entity, simply a chaotic entity. Plank and Jonny never do anything truly malicious, just crazy, disruptive things that upset the normalcy of the Cul-De-Sac. One could argue that Jonny has split-personality disorder to explain why Plank behaves differently than Jonny and why Jonny is always talking to himself. Or that Jonny is possessed and that that is how he has knowledge of things he normally shouldn't. Both are viable conclusions, but do not explain how Plank can act almost of his own volition in certain episodes.
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