A Game of Thrones is a popular HBO high fantasy television series, adapted from the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire.  

R+L=J TheoryEdit

N+L=J TheoryEdit

Three Heads of the DragonEdit

Jorah Mormont is the Prince who was PromisedEdit

Dario is Secretly Benjin StarkEdit

Roose Bolton is Actually a Half Human Half Other Skinchanger and is ImmortalEdit

Arya Stark Imagined the Waif in her HeadEdit

Sansa Stark is Pregnant with Ramsay Bolton's BabyEdit

A Game of Thrones is Lord of the Rings FanfictionEdit

Bran Stark Affecting the Past when GreenseeringEdit

Tyrion Lannister is the sonDaenerysnarys Targaryen and Kahl Drogo from the FutureEdit

Ned Stark is a Warg and is Still AliveEdit

Hodor is Secretly the Great OtherEdit

Varys is Secretly a MermanEdit

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