• Nighlocktheawesome

    See this.

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  • Nijavalho


    June 15, 2017 by Nijavalho

    Recently, I have been cleaning up some of the wiki's popular pages and adding pages on notable topics. I have decided that I would like to adopt the wiki since no admins have been active since 2012. As an admin, I would customize the wiki's design, delete spam pages/comments, fix poor-quality pages, etc. I've seen some recent comments on this wiki, but if there are any content editors still active, please respond to this blog post with your thoughts. Thank you!

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  • CartoonEverything

    All the Loud Family had different things, but they really have a MENTAL DISORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here are the disorders.

    • Lori: OCD
    • Leni: Learning Disorder
    • Luna: Musical Disorder
    • Luan: ADHD
    • Lynn: PD (Personality Disorder)
    • Lincoln: Schizophrenia
    • Lucy: Depression
    • Lana: Eating Disorder
    • Lola: Narcissism
    • Lisa: Asperger

    ​Lily is the only one without a Mental Disorder.

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  • Lou342

    The Evil Entity And Atlernative Professor Pericles is still alive in the black hole portal dimension.

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  • AustinDR

    In order to increase the viewings of this wiki, we need more theories.

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