does anyone remember the Disney Afternoon? and a show based on " Who framed Roger Rabbit?" named Bonkers?

well I have a theory about that

everyone notice that Bonkers is related to Roger Rabbit, but how related? well they ressembles a lot (I mean their designs are alike) and they both have connections with humans but what really pushed the coincidence is in the theme song there's a specific lyric "once upon a time in ToonTown" and we only heard of a ToonTown in Roger Rabbit and we also saw it but where is ToonTown in Bonkers ? we never see it in the episodes we only see a few toons living in Hollywood among humans and then it hit me maybe Bonkers takes place in an alternate version of the ending of Roger Rabbit where Judge Doom won and dipped ToonTown and some toons (or privileged toons) managed to escape,

but apparently Roger, his wife and his friends didn't survive the Dip,

the survivors from the Dip apocalipse decided to live among humans educating a new generation of drawn toons and apparently born toons( who got the ability to age and to die) like Skunky Skunk who is mentioned by Bonkers to "being born" and not drawn,

Roger Rabbit was about toon segregation and we also see it in Bonkers like the toons only job is to entertain people (even though they are better treated than in 1947) and if they don't they do unwell payed job like the case of FallApart Rabbit but Bonkers decided after being quicked out to change all that and decided to show that toons can do other jobs, but some humans don't take it verry well like Shirley Wright and Sergeant Francis Q. Grating in the Myranda's épisodes

I also have a Bonkers comic where he and Lucky Piquel are fighting a ghost but Lucky thinks the ghost is a toon so he tries to delete it then Lucky opens a bag with a bottle in it, he warns Bonkers to be careful while manipulating it cause it's Dip

so coincidence ?