Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Rio, and The Nut Job are all inter-connected. Jack Mitchell from Cod:AW, Blu from Rio, and Surly from The Nut Job all started out as a "nobody" then became heroic. Ilona from Cod: AW, Jewel from Rio, and Andie from The Nut Job all became the love interests of those same heroes. Jonathan Irons, Nigel, and Raccoon are also all the main antagonists who at first, hid their true identity. Hades, Marcel, and King were all secondary antagonists who were quite the organized criminals. Pierre Danois, Armando and Tipa, and Knuckles were all tertiary antagonists who all acted dumb or were "easy to crack" if done correctly. With that being said, the two movies and one video game must all be inter-connected somehow.

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