Cartoon Conspiracy is a show currently airing on Thursdays on the YouTube Channel: Channel Frederator. The show is about, you guessed it, people talking about cartoon conspiracy theories! Unlike most theory videos, and like a NC episode regarding Tom and Jerry's fate, the theories are then debunked by evidence from the show, and outside of the show. The show was originally hosted by Emily the Brave, until the 99th episode, in which she retires. After a few compilation videos and mediocre guest episodes, the series goes back on track by hiring a man called Jacob as the new host, and everything goes like nothing ever happened.

But little did we know that Cartoon Conspiracy has some theories of it's own...

Who's Eric? Edit

In the new Cartoon conspiracy episodes, host Jacob always refers to childhood misfortunes that happened to him, then talks about a new subject: a child named Eric, which links to the previous subject. The question is, who is Eric exactly?

An answer, and the most likely one, would be an annoying older brother. You know the older kids are annoying stereotype. That is, except when you take into account that this is (most likel) one of the few stereotypes that is both expected and accepted in society today and in the past. And all the signs are there, nearly all the times Jacob was hit in the face by a ball (as referred in the Recess - politics episod), Eric most likely did it on purpose, and when he and Jacob play swords (as referred to in the KND its all a dream episode), Eric puts in a forcefield for unfair measure.

Another answer would be a bully. Again, one sign of this is in the Recess politics episode where Jacob mentions being hit in the face by a ball countless times in childhood before saying, and I quote, "Those couldn't have all been by accident, ERIC!!!", Implying that Jacob was physically bullied when he was a child, and in the KND its all a dream episode, Eric is once again mentioned, but at the same time, a stereotypical bully picture is put into motion, implying Eric as such.

The final answer claims Eric as an unfaithful And horrible best friend. The answer goes back to the KND it was all a dream episod, where it says that Eric used to play swords with Jacob all the time, before CHEATING by adding a forcefield into the mix, angering Jacob in the process.

Well, one thing is for sure; whether it may be brother, bully or friend, Eric as a person Jacob knew will always be a mystery.

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