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Candy is Made From ChildrenEdit

Willy Wonka is a pretty creepy character, no doubt. The book is known for a rather dark nature in how it handles
naughty kids. In the story, other candy makers are jealous of Wonka's success and send spies to uncover the secrets of his factory. In fear of being ruined, he fires all of his employees and closes the factory. Five years later, it reopens with a new staff comprised of discolored and identical African pygmies called "Oompa Loompas". I understand hiding a secret recipe to making candy, but it isn't that difficult. Thousands of people work for Coca-Cola but only two people know what the recipe to coke really is. What kind of terrible secrets could Wonka be hiding in the factory? This theorist believes that Wonka's various candies are made from children.

Wonka is not neseccarily evil; he just has a very messed up scale of morality where he designs his tour to try and tempt each children with a karmic fate to evalute if they are worthy of living or not by setting up traps or gambits which kills them. Augustus Gloop can't control his gluttony when he gets to the Chocolate Room and falls into the chocolate river, and is sucked up a large pipe. That's a fairly large pipe. Large enough for a Human being. Why would you make it that big for the chocolate river? Wonka set it up so that children are easily transported throughout the factory through these pipes to the various rooms. We see a similar mechanic again with the Nut Room, where there is a large tube that connects to an incinerator. The Nut Room has a bunch of squirrels testing walnut out to see if they are a "bad nut". Veruca Salt wants to have one of the squirrels, but Wonka denies her the request, so she tries to take one for herself. Wonka hardly tries to hide his murderous intents with this one and Veruca is thrown into the chute by the entire squirrel squad. The squirrels are trained to work together in dragging people into the chutes, apparently.

Before this, the group travels to the Inventing Room where Wonka shows off the "Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum", a dangerous, experimental candy which has the side-effect of turning people into blueberries. Violet, boasting she can consume it and being prideful, grabs the gum and turns into a giant blueberry (she remains a Human but she has become large, blue, and juicy). Wonka has some Oompa Loompas take her to the Juicing Room to get back to normal. Turning into a fruit is a pretty big effect and doesn't seem like some kind of mistake and showing it off to a bunch of careless, candy-loving kids is not a smart idea. When Wonka captured children, originally, in order to make a child even more useful, he fed them these dinner gums so they can become different fruits and taken to the juicing room to get an endless supply of "natural" flavors. The Television Room's original use may be obvious: turning kids bite-sized in order to harness all of their flavors for a candy. The shrunken kids could of also been used for manufacturing tiny aspects of small candies, like molding them.

Going back to Augustus -- neverbinkles on Reddit noticed an odd thing about the boat: "Willy Wonka knew those
children would die in his factory. After Augustus gets sucked up the shoot, they all hop on board the boat through the tunnel of doom. The boat doesn't have two extra vacant seats though. It was designed with prior knowledge that they would lose two participants before that point. Later they drive a cream spewing car with only four seats. Did they have another car waiting in the garage in case the others made it? Of course not. Willy Wonka uses children to make candy."

Still think this idea is crazy? Well, in the original version of the novel, there was an omitted chapter and sixth child named Miranda Piker, who seemingly falls down the "Spotty Powder Mixer" to be chopped to death, screaming. The screams turn into laughter as Miranda survives. Why would a mixer, which seems to be easily tranversed and below a large area, be neseccary? Mrs. Piker calls Wonka a murderer, "I know your tricks! You're grinding them into powder! In two minutes my darling Miranda will come pouring out of one of those dreadful pipes." Guess what Wonka replies. "Of course, that's part of the recipe!" Wonka notices that Miranda is still alive and is joking around with Mrs. Piker. Sure, its like Wonka to joke around, but this is a bit messed up.

And what about the Oompa Loompas? Not only are they fine with helping Wonka out with these murders, but they take joy in it, singing and dancing. Well, I'm not trying to sound racist here, but cannibalism in Africa isn't the rarest of things.

The 2005 film adaptation cranks Wonka's creep factor up to eleven. In this version, Wonka has a personal reason to hate people, as they bullied him for wearing a large mouth brace, his father prevented his creative freedom, and, like the other versions, the other candy companies were greedy and attacked Wonka's factory.

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