Little Einsteins vs. FNaF 1Edit

This theory states that the cute little classical music show that 4 year old kids liked is linked to that creepy horror game that Scott Cawthon made. Here it goes:

Freddy and co. found Leo, June, Annie and Quincy in an abandoned orphanage in 1889 all alone with only milk, water and bread to survive. Freddy picked up Leo and sang a lullaby. Leo touched Freddy's face while he said his first word: "dada". Bonnie picked up June and rubbed his fingers along June's stomach. Bonnie giggled sadly and June said her first word: "ballet". Foxy picked up Quincy trying not to hurt him with his hook and gently rubbed his head while Quincy was trying to say "piano". Chica picked up Annie and tickled her with her feathers. Annie giggled while she let out a small burp.

A year later, on Christmas Eve, Leo got his first baton and called it 'Fred' after Freddy. June got a tutu and a Tchaikovsky cassette. Annie got a small metal microphone and sang along with June's cassette. Quincy got a child-sized piano. They all got a big surprise on Boxing Day. They got a rocket ship called 'Rocket'.

Meanwhile, Freddy was thinking of getting a big blue jet now known as 'Big Jet'. He bought it; only to realize he felt dizzy and fainted. All the other animatronics felt that and got taken away by the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (whose identity is unknown). Leo, who was upset with this, created replicas of his fake parents and put them inside their big blue jet. However, there was a slight malfunction and the replicas suffered animatronic amnesia. This caused them to not know what buttons to push thus creating the show "Little Einsteins"

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