Welcome to the FanTheories Wiki

The Fan Theories wiki is a collection of popular theories about any type of media -- films, television shows, books, video games, and music. This wiki is not a place for fans of various creative works to post their own theories and speculation all willy-nilly. This wiki is only for well-known and supported theories, so no "____ is a Time Lord" or "It Was All a Dying Dream". You will quickly get banned if you post such nonsensical, redundant, and poor theories.

This wiki is ordered into articles of creative works and the theories corresponding to them are sections. Sometimes, fanon is excessive and amazing theories spring left to right, so there may be a few articles strictly for a particular type of theory about a creative work, but not the official work's page. For example, speculation on evolution, origin of particular Pokemon, and miscellaneous guesses on connections between two Pokemon species are for the Pokemon Evolution Theories page, while general speculation, such as on the world, is for the main Pokemon page.