Defender Edit

The defender is a type of player which excels at defending and concentrates at stealing and blocking the ball. Despite having a lack of offense, they pressurizes the offense for lowering the chance for a striker to shoot the ball. Defender may not be good as offense but these type is an outstanding position for any cautious people. There are four types of defenders: Centre-back, Full-back, Sweeper and Wing-back. Centre-back and Full-back are very important in the game due to their skill in defense while Sweeper and Wing-back are more skilled in defending.

Midfielder Edit

Midfielders are players that has good balance in offense and defense. They do what both individual positions do. However, there are also types of midfielders. Some of them play recklessly while the other plays in a more defensive role. Even these players can be very excellent at passing. Midfielders are the best advantages and traveled in the football field the most. This position is best suited for efficient people.

Striker Edit

The striker most of all are the players which plays marvellously in offense and are most responsible for scoring goals for the team. Their powers relies on speed and dribbling. The strikers must all have good dribbling in order for disorientation. However they are not well at perform defense, their speed and dribble are the striker's keys that these guys should have. This is well suited for reckless and speedy people.

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