Kylo Ren and Rey are main characters of new Star Wars movie. There might me suggesting that they are siblings and in some way connected or even a close relatives. Aldo Kylo Ren isn't his true name but Ben, his last name Ren and Rey's name in some manner fits similar like Luke and Lea's name, suggesting that Kyylo Ren and Rey might be siblings...Again this whole new movie is in some way nothing new, just some things are flipped...For example instead of evil father and a good son with Anakin and Luke, we now have a good father(Han Solo) and a bad son(Ben)...But the motif is same, a person filps to the dark side...The motifs of Empire and the Republic are the same, and Rey and Finn resemble a flipped version of Han and Lea...Now instead of macho guy(Han) and damsel in distress(Lea), we now have a independent girl(Rey) and a dude in distress(Finn)...Not to mention that Finns background of him being taken from his family resemble a true historic event which was practiced by Turks in Balkan, by taking little Christina kids form their family to be trained and serve as Janissaries...Janissaries were elite Ottoman soldier a Christian boys taken at age of 7 and fought for the empire, same way as storm troopers... There are many more aspect, from one of commanders making spache similar to Hitlers and so on...

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