Does Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus have demonic powers?

The Theory Edit

This theory says that Ms.Frizzle has demonic powers. The basis for this theory is a scene in season 1: episode 1 where they are on Pluto. On Pluto, after they find Ms. Frizzle, you can see in the background a picture of an inverted cross. An inverted cross is a common symbol of satanic worship. Ms. Frizzle also has a magical bus and magical powers to travel around the universe. She has somehow managed to keep her job, while her class is absent for multiple hours every day. I believe that her powers have kept her from being fired. Also, how come you never see any other kids or teachers around the school? I think that the school is set up just for Ms. Frizzle's classroom, and there are no other students in the school. But, I hear you ask, wouldn't the student leave the school, or they're parents take them out of school? Well, I think that Ms. Frizzle kills the children's parents and replaces them with demonic creatures that look just like their parents. There is no denying this America, wake up

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