My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic its Equestria Girls franchise are a great TV and movie series for kids. But what if there are some very dark secrets to Equestria. Is Equestria really only the post-apocalyptic do future of Equestria Girls? Is King Sombra truly still alive? Is Lyra possibly a villain in secrecy?

Post-apocalyptic future of Equestria Girls

This theory suggests that Equestria is really the post-apocalyptic future of Equestria Girls. Let's look at the evidence. During Lyra's song, she asks "Who's to say they're all gone?". To prove Equestria is a post-apocalyptic future, there needs to be old junk used by humans, ruins, and the powerful beings must know about this. For the unused items, there are saddles (for some reason), horse drawn carriages, mugs, printing press, cameras, other cups, and that one car tire in the dirt in one episode.

Nothing is made to work right with the ponies. So that's one thing for a post apocalyptic Equestria crossed off our list. Lots of ruins? Check. Well, not really. The only real major ruin is the Castle of the Two Sisters. Which, as we can see, was fine a thousand years ago, and there's really no telling how old Celestia really is. But that doesn't explain why she says Twilight will soon know more about the human world than even she does. Was she lying?

King Sombra is still alive

Sunset Shimmer is her own clone

Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, and Sunny Flare are the Dazzlings in disguise

Sunset Shimmer is the adoptive daughter of Princess Celestia

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