Priority Edit

As they were young, they were focused on their career, habits and visitations. But they change their own priorities as they have become parents. When they have become parents, they made sacrifices for their own children and always stay by with them. Parents who's willing to sacrifice everything just for their children will always be at their children's side.

Types of Asian Parents' Sacrifices Edit

These are the results of these events.

  • As there was a mother who moved to America and had never get to see her family or siblings grow up to take care of their children. She couldn't go to her mother's funeral and watch her siblings grew up because she lived in America. She hadn't seen them for almost 20 or 30 years.
  • A Islam mother used to come to her daughter's elementary school every year with a traditional dress, Al-Quran (Bible) and a prayer rug (Sejadah) in order to teach kids about Islam ethnicity. One day, a lot of kids made fun of her for the things she had in her hands. Her daughter felt embarassed and told her mother not to come back again. Her mother listened but her heart hurt by her daughter's voice.
  • An Indian mother went to a wedding in 2008 with her son and also said that it was his mother's first time to visit the Taj Mahal even though she grew up in India and the reason why she said that because she spent her life working for her family.
  • A father before he died, he had been looking for every job he have to take for money. He remembered that his father loves playing music but he'd knew that he had to make more money for their expenses.
  • Another one is that his father took odd jobs such as he worked in a restaurant and cut grass. As his son remember stories from his father that they used to look for aluminium cans to recycle from the neighbourhood.
  • A mother during her child's kindergarten years, her son remembered that his mother sat him down and asked him if he could say that if his mother stayed at the house more than her job for her child. He said yes and his mom gave up on her computer engineer career to spend her time fully with her son as a fulltime housewife.
  • This mother was informed to stay at her mother's house in her older years. She felt really lonely and isolated because the reason was she was unable to learn and speak English language. She also had troubled making friends due to her inability to speak English.
  • Her daughter used to cry every time that her mother drop her off to a place alone. There was also footage of her three-year-old daughter runs to her mother for reunity. Her mother cried too because she did not want to leave her but the force was her work.
  • Their son had spoken that his parents are still struggling in financial problems. During his start of his college year, he gotten into UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and USC (University South California). UCLA was more cheaper than USC because UCLA is a public school while the other is a private school. His dad spoke that go wherever you want to enter and they will figure it out. They had to take a lot of loans for their son.

Burdens Edit

Burdens also happened in the family where they decided to care for their children than their job. Most common things happens like the child's parents are more likely to go bankrupt or find harder to get money if a mother, father or both gave up their career for their child.

Words For Our Parents Edit

As we realized how much our parents sacrificed for us, we could show our gratitude for their care and love for ourselves. As we are thankful for what our parents do for us, we also feel guiltness and sympathy for our parents sacrificing everything for us. As we feel emotional and sad, it is a very sentimental and nostalgic moment as we revealed our parents sacrifices.

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