Before and After

Have you ever want know how Zootopia came to be. it all started when humans still roam the earth Mayor Lionheart was born in a lab they were theting other animals and the people love lionheart until they brought a chimpanzee.He was so jellous of it he can do anything that no other animal can do. Then two years Lionheart was so jelous that he had enought of that ape the he started to attack it until it was dead the humans realized that he need to be transferd to a zoo wile the truck was still moving the truck door went opend and he escaped out of there and he landed to a forest and he started to build a hut but then he realized that he was all alone so he started to get many animals from zoos and aquariams and safari parks and they were the first animals to build civlization. After the events of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes they started to become more highly etellegent then humans and apes and so it was going so well until the sent a bear to tell everyone to live with his village.the first animals that the bear saw was a elk but then he see Koba and his hunting it the bear warns the elk but the bear died. 4 years later the apes evolve but the animals evolve even more and then he realized that the ape smust go extinct then they told them for war and they did they keep battling and battling till every ape gone extinct and every ape gone extinct.Then to celebrate there victory they build a city of there own and they call it zootopia and lionheart became the mayor and he thank all of his mammals except of the birds and rephtilles and the build a city of there own and that's how zootopia came to be.

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