This is a theory originally proposed by YouTuber ProtoMario.

Original Theory Edit

ProtoMario originally proposed that Red was not a ghost when Gold faced him, but instead that his spirit was crushed and that losing to Gold only served as the final nail in the coffin of his spirit. He proposes that after spending three and a half years combing Kanto for Mew, he ventured into Johto, but took a wrong turn on Victory Road and found himself in front of Mt. Silver instead of Tohjo Falls. ProtoMario goes on to say that upon entering the caves of Mt. Silver, Red likely encountered several species of Pokemon that his Pokedex failed to identify (such as Sneasel or Ursaring). With every new Pokemon Red encountered that his Pokedex could not identify, he found it harder to believe that only 151 species of Pokemon, including Mew, exist in the world. Upon reaching the mountain peak, Red had not found a sign of Mew, but instead a distrust in Professor Oak. Edit

Evidence Edit

Protomario cites the following evidence as to why Red was not a ghost when Gold faced him on Mt. Silver:

  • Red's clothing at the time of his battle with Gold indicates that he could not have possibly spent more than a few hours on the peak of Mt. Silver and did not intend on staying for very long.
  • Red's silence before, during, and after the battle is likely a symbol of his lack of focus on the battle at hand.
  • Red's lack of a presence in new games for two entire generations between G/S/C and Black 2/White 2 could be a result of him searching for Mew elsewhere in the world.
  • Red's Pokemon team remaining unchanged in his appearance in Black 2/White 2 could be a sign of his refusal to catch a new Pokemon until he finds and catches Mew.

Viability Edit

In the original Generation II games, Red has an Espeon, but this could be due to Red somehow obtaining a fourth Eevee in the three years he combed Kanto and evolving through high friendship during the day. This pokemon was replaced with Lapras in the Generation IV remakes.

Additional Links Edit

  • ProtoMario's video where he proposes this theory as to why Red vanished for two whole generations.

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