Roblox is a game that everyone loves(Now everyone hates it.) Let me get to the point.

The Lego theory.Edit

Apparently Robloxians resemble Legos. So there is that. Also Robloxians follow your everyone command. Like a lego or a toy. Also when they die, you hear a high pitched childish moan. Also Robloxians have a strong mentality. Lose an arm? Shrug it off. This is either because they are insane or they can't actually feel pain due to being legoes. Also time to get deeper. Roblox isn't just lego in general, it's a game invented by a bunch of kids. The Admins just represent the wealthy owners of the house which is why the "players" have to follow their "rules". Also this is why the Admins seem to look out and help you if you need help. The games represent the lego sets. Why else do the games represent other media like FNAF,Undertale, and DBZ? Because there are Lego Sets of the Media! The Robux represents the money they saved to buy more legos which is why the "Robux" buys "Clothes and other stuff". Robux represents dollars and Tix represents coins. The catalog represents the toy store which is why they sometimes not only use legos. The non lego shapped toys represent the regular toys. The reason why there is never actually any "night time" is because the "players" spend so much time playing that there never is a "nightime" for them as they never go to sleep or they just lose track of time or they disable the alarm clock so they won't get caught. Why else would they be able to build stuff. Like legoes. Also you never actually see them build rather than the legos get "summoned" out of the blue. The reason why there are different types of games is because the players build differentthings like Obbies. They are just on a bed or on the stairwell. Here comes the disturbing part. By banning someone, they actually kill the person.The reason why Builderman's hammer is missing when you view someone being banned represents him hiding the weapon he killed someone with in order to avoid finger print scanning. Also Builderman has a hammer because that's the weapon he prefers to kill people with. The "closed" games represent the banned user's games being hid inside the attic or basement and locked and forgotten. Now time go more lighter. Roblox studio represents the pre games and you setting up the game for your friends. And the morphs represent you changing you characters to the characters in the set for obvious reason. Last but not least, your place represents the lego set your lego person came with. 

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