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Bikini Bottom is the Result of Nuclear TestingEdit


Nuclear weapon test at Bikini Atoll in 1946.

Its well known that Bikini Bottom is Bikini Atoll, an island in the Pacific Ocean where twenty-three nuclear devices were detonated a part of a series of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States. Radiation from nuclear bombs is known to cause genetic mutations. This theory states that the whole cast of Spongebob are the results of the mutation; it gave the animals intelligence and sentience, equal to that of human value, and human characteristics.

Patrick is actually a Serial Killer Edit

In the episode "The Gift of Gum", Spongebob finds a small amount of fish inside Gummy. This gives the idea that Patrick deliberately put fish in there so they could not escape and die of starvation. If Patrick kept Gummy and dragged the fish out one by one, he is most likely to murder them. This is where SpongeBob comes in. Patrick bribed Squidward about if Squidward hated SpongeBob, then Patrick would be kind. In fact, it is unclear how and why Patrick kidnapped the fish and then traps then inside of Gummy
Spongebob Theory He's a Tampon?!05:14

Spongebob Theory He's a Tampon?!

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory Spongebob 7 Deadly Sins Theory-008:16

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory Spongebob 7 Deadly Sins Theory-0

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory Spongebob is on DRUGS?!07:01

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory Spongebob is on DRUGS?!

Cartoon Conspiracy Thoeries Spongebob a result from Nuclear Testing?!04:41

Cartoon Conspiracy Thoeries Spongebob a result from Nuclear Testing?!

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory How Old Is A Spongebob Really?04:32

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory How Old Is A Spongebob Really?

A Nuclear Bomb Creates Spongebob? The Bikini Bottom Theory Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep01:22

A Nuclear Bomb Creates Spongebob? The Bikini Bottom Theory Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 3)

The Mental Disorders TheoryEdit

This theory states that SpongeBob and his friend are based off mental disorders. They are:

  1. SpongeBob: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Patrick: Eating Disorders
  3. Squidward: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  4. Sandy: Narcissistic Disorders
  5. Mr Krabs: Impulsive with Obsessive Fixations
  6. Plankton: Depression
  7. Gary: Anxiety Disorders

Donut of Shame/The Secret Box Connection Edit

Patrick's birthday is near Christmas. SpongeBob set up a tea party for Patrick. When Patrick was at his birthday party, SpongeBob invited tons of friends until SpongeBob brought out a bottle of beer. Patrick and all the other guests chanted at SpongeBob to drink the entire beer bottle. SpongeBob started to feel dizzy. He danced on his table and prankcalled everyone else he knew. Patrick, unaware that his best friend was drunk, decided to take a photo of this moment. SpongeBob felt so dizzy that he said "A donut this nice could really make a guy happy!" before passing out. Patrick ordered another bottle of beer and drank the entire bottle just like his best friend and passed out on SpongeBob's kitchen ceiling. Two weeks later, Patrick put the photo of SpongeBob in a box he calls "The Secret Box"

The Seven Deadly Sins TheoryEdit

It is believed that each of the main characters of SpongeBob SquarePants were based around the "Seven Deadly Sins". They are:

  1. SpongeBob: Lust
  2. Patrick: Sloth
  3. Squidward: Wrath
  4. Mr. Krabs: Greed
  5. Plankton: Envy
  6. Sandy Cheeks: Pride
  7. Gary: Gluttony

SpongeBob Suicide Theory Edit

In the episode "SpongeHenge" SpongeBob loses his best friend and loses the Krusty Krab in a windstorm. Spongebob has a hard decision to make; Either commit suicide or try to go back to Bikini Bottom. The answer is suicide. So Spongebob goes to the Island seen in "Pressure" and dies of suffocation. Spongebob suddenly wakes up; in heaven. He asks King Neptune if he could have his own personal heaven so he could play. Neptune says 'yes'. So the episodes that follow "SpongeHenge" are actually just Spongebob playing in his personal version of heaven.

The Drug TheoryEdit

This theory states that the five main characters of the show are each drug addicts, each addicted to a different drug. These are:

  1. Spongebob: Meth. It can be observed that SpongeBob can have wild emotional changes, and is very energetic, like a meth addict.
  2. Patrick: Marijuana. Patrick is usually always laid-back, relaxed, and has a relatively positive outlook on life, shown in the episode Spongebob Gets Fired. He also eats a lot, as marijuana users experience a phenomenon known as 'the munchies' after smoking marijuana.
  3. Squidward: Heroin. According to this site, heroin abusers have many behavioral tendencies matching Squidward's personal traits. These include lying or other deceptive behavior, bad performance in jobs and avoided eye contact.
  4. Mr. Krabs: Cocaine. According to the same site listed above, cocaine users can be irritable and paranoid, like Mr. Krabs. For the paranoid trait, this can be observed in A New Leaf, an episode where Plankton stops trying to steal his recipe. He is also very intense.
  5. Sandy: Alcohol.
  6. Plankton: PCP (angel dust) Aggressive behavior. Feels no pain as plankton often fakes it. Irrirabe

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