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Was Rose Quartz (Steven's Mother) Blind?

Theory by PawnMicama and Stephen Raines

Almost every time you see a depiction of her, Rose's eyes are closed. Then Pearl says that "She saw the beauty in everything." and how she "Saw past unfavorable qualities" or to that motion.

It's like she saw their soul or felt their true intentions just by being around them and getting to know the person or life form for what it was, without seeing their physical form.

Second: All three gems are different types of lesbian stereotypes

Seeing is how Garnet is a fusion of 2 different girl gems to make a bigger tougher gem, as which in a couple of episodes it is apparent that they are in love.

Okay now don't tell me you didn't get at least a little lesbian vibe from pearl having such a strong relationship

with Rose quartz. She is obsessively in love with her even if she love her back.

And Amethyst is just a lazy lesbian stereotype. (see what I did there?)

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