The Dead Kids TheoryEdit

This theory states that SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr Krabs and Sandy are all kids who all died in different ways. But I do warn you this theory is quite depressing.

SpongeBob's human counterpart was called Bob. Bob was a nice kid and worked with two other people at a school restaurant. He also had a pet snail called Gary. One day, he was riding his bike. He rode down a steep hill, hit a tree and landed in a coma. Two weeks later he died. In his sea creature counterpart, he is still nice, works at a restaurant called the Krusty Krab and has a pet sea snail called Gary.

Patrick's human counterpart was called John. Bob and John were very close friends. John was slightly older than Bob. One day, he hit his head very hard with a rock; causing him to have the occasional inability to think and act stupidly. One day, while he was on the roof, he slipped off, cracking his skull open. This eventually killed him. In his sea creature counterpart, he is still dumb and has a rock for a house.

Squidward's human counterpart was called Dan. Dan had no friends apart from his clarinet and teddy bear, Zoos (Rhymes with loose). He also had a severe heart condition that if he gets startled or annoyed, he could have a heart attack. One night, He had a dream where Zoos was murdering him. This startled him so much, he had a heart attack. In his sea creature counterpart, He hates being startled and still has his clarinet.

Mr Krabs' human counterpart was called Jim. Jim was a pickpocket and a moneygrabber. He had a wealthy family and he also had a pet whale. His family also had a big vault full of money. One day, Jim was let into that vault and saw a huge money bag. He grabbed it but since it was so heavy, it fell on him, crushing him to death. In his sea creature counterpart, he is still a moneygrabber and has a whale as daughter instead of a pet.

Sandy's human counterpart was called Sally. Sally was a teacher's pet and won all the science fairs. She also was a black belt at karate. One day, while she was fighting the Sensei at a tournament, she got kicked in the chest really hard; breaking her ribs, making her unable to breathe. She eventually died. In her sea creature counterpart, even though she's a squirrel, still does karate and science.

Bob, John, Dan, Jim and Sally all take over the bodies of sea creatures apart from Sally who takes over a squirrel's body. A marine biologist called Stephen, saw this behavior and created "SpongeBob Squarepants". A show about a happy seasponge and his daily adventures.

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