The world of Zootopia is one of the most amazing world that anyone to live in if your an animal but,there is more then there history then natural instinct in the beginning animals were just animals when humans ruled but when humans had to moved to space according to Isic from Wastovideo on YouTube Mickey Mouse and his Master Yen Sid brought the ecosystem back and the water by using magic and Donald Duck build an ark to keep all the animals safe from the flood and A sprit is brought to life to bing the plants and earth is finally in habitable for animals most of them.Most that evole were Aardvarks,Rabbits,Bears, Monkeys and Apes, Cats and Dogs, Mooses,and Rats were the only animals that evolve while the rest of the animals kingdom didn't and this was the start of the world of Arthur. You might think that it's bad for the animals it's not most animals can talk seen in The Lion King and Bambi and they started there own monarchy but the animals could speak to the animals that were antroperophic because they speak bla be bla bloo in the Arthur world and animals said humans to the other animals which concludes to the Hunter from Bambi,the hunter could have been an animal who was hunting.While animals have a hard time in the world of Arthur they have tv shows,Movies, and books that they predict whats going to happen next which is the conclusion to the end of the world of Arthur. For over a year animals have finally become antroperophic and they started build a city which is called you know what Zootopia most of the animals like aardvarks,rabbits,bears,mooses,and rats were part of the city while the others like cats are dog and monkeys and apes had to suffer. But there sitll some controversy between the predators and pery.form the start animals started from normal four leggers on a planet with no plants or water then magic came bring it all back then few animals started to evolve while some were still evolving fast and it concluded to the world of Zootopia as we all know it as and that is the evolution of animals from arthur to zootopia.

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