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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Is Will Dead?!Edit

As many of you may know, the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is about a young man who moved to Bel-Air, California, to live with his aunt and uncle after he had been in a fight with a local street gang. What if, however, instead of going to Bel-Air to live with his relatives, what if Will instead died on that playground?

This theory states that Will actually died on the ball court back in West Philadelphia, and that the entire series is actually about Will coming to terms with his death. The taxi cab driver that took him to Bel-Air was actually God himself and he took him to Heaven so that he could work out his differences with his family members. The theory also states that Will's parents only appear on special occasions, because they were actually visiting their son's grave in the local cemetery. ==sitcom fourth wall== I think dat the beloved Gresh Pwince of Del Ae is actually a woman

 uncle phil heart attackEdit

mocAs many of you may know, Phillip Zeke Banks also known as Uncle Phill is a very quick tempered character throughout the whole show. Phillip often tends to lose his temper due to Will and Carlton's habit of annoying him and Hillary's stupidity and unimmatureness. Vivan is usally the only person that can calm Phillip when he loses his cool, what if uncle phil died of a heart attack?

this theroy take place after Home Is Where the Heart Attack Is episode he in coma for weeks never up so late phil died in coma a bel air hospital and that the entire series is actually about phil coming to terms with his scene phil wake up of coma but actually he wake up in purgatory with he fake family and on earth what happing banks family will sill in school remains in California to finish off his studies to lawyer/Businessman to junk foods. vivian with ashley move to culver city start new life after her father/husband die carlton so depressed and not acknowledge he father die carlton hang he self Hilary gets marry and have kids,

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