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Mufasa Caused the DroughtEdit

Disney films are known for using plenty of supernatural elements. This theory points out a big one in the 1994 film, The Lion King.

According to this theory, Mufasa became a restless spirit after he was murdered by his younger brother. Instead of going to live with the great kings of the past, Mufasa instead used the drought to punish Scar for his betrayal, and this also caused Nala to broaden her search for food, thus leading her to Simba. However, Simba wanted to stay with Timon and Pumbaa, so this forces Mufasa to appoint his loyal servant, Rafiki. Rafiki shows Simba his father's reflection in a pool of water, and Mufasa himself then appears to him in the clouds. It should also be noted that this isn't usually how the late kings of the past revealed themselves, according to Rafiki, so this may add more leverage to the theory. Once Scar is overthrown and killed, the rain returns to the Pride Lands, thus implying that Mufasa is now at peace.

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