Stanley Kubrick Made The Shinnign to Confess his Involvement in Faking the Moon LandingEdit

The basic premise of The Shining is that the protagonist and his son  both represent different

The Shinning
aspects of Kubrick, the pragmatist and the artistic visionary. Jack (Kubrick’s practical side) makes a deal with the manager of the Overlook Hotel (America) to protect it through the coming winter (the Cold War). Weidner also points out that the Overlook, like America, is new, garish and built on the bones of Indians. All of this builds on the notion that the moon landings were faked as a show of strength to the Soviet Union.

There are other subtle clues.  In King’s novel, the haunted room is numbered 217. In the movie, it’s 237. Why? “Because the average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 237,000 miles. The infamous twins were actually just one child in the book – but the twins are a reference to the NASA codename ‘Gemini’

Danny also wears an Apollo 11 knitted jumper, and the ‘ll’ in ‘All work and no play’ does resemble the number 11…

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