This page lists fan theories about the television series The Walking Dead.

All a DreamEdit

In 2014, a theory proposing that Rick Grimes is dreaming the show's events became very popular. A concise version of the theory on is as follows:

Ever since Robert [Kirkman] went on the record as saying he had an end in mind for The Walking Dead, speculation has been rampant as to just how it would all go down. And there’s one theory that we see OVER and OVER again, in regards to both the show and the comic, and that is that this whole thing is just Rick’s nightmare while he lies comatose in the hospital and that the end of The Walking Dead will be Rick waking up. Depending on your love of The Twilight Zone, you might even go a step further and say he wakes up in an abandoned hospital in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

This theory both outraged and intrigued many fans, leading Robert Kirkman (the franchise's creator) to debunk it here after being shown an article about it.

Same Plot as Toy StoryEdit

This popular theory has been covered by sites such as Business Insider, The Sun and BuzzFeed. It is credited to John Wray, known on Reddit as JimmyLegs50. The most popular version is an image showing the similarities between TWD and Toy Story (click to enlarge):

The Walking Dead Toy Story theory

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