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In this 2000 family film known as Thomas and the Magic Railroad created by Britt Allcroft and it was based on long-running show Thomas and Friends (known as Thomas the Tank Engine), which it was the adaptation from The Railway Series by Wilbert Awdry.

Until when the movie is released on cinema, it was gave negative reviews from critics. But it have some hidden theories on the movie that everyone never notice.

Mysterious Antagonist Theory Edit

Which we all know that the main antagonist was Diesel 10 where he was going to find and destory Lady the lost engine and take control of the railway, but there is an unseen mysterious character that he can be seen two parts from the movie and one trailer.

Boomer scenes
In the movie was that the motorbiker is find the direction with Burnett Stone then he drove off saying thanks to Burnett, and the final scene that in the chase scene of Diesel 10 where he was after Thomas and Lady until when Diesel 10's claw duck on the tunnel it shown human body at top of Diesel 10 cab.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - Japanese Promotional Trailer02:19

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - Japanese Promotional Trailer

The rare Japanese trailer that it shown of a person with dynamites saying "I get my revenged" and then set the dynamites to explosion at Muffle Mountain. It was been founded of the person's name was Pete Tiberius Boomer that he was the real main antagonist, the reason why he was the villain because he was been jealous of Burnett Stone had with Tasha and the one who wrecked Lady for the first time then he left Shining Time, few years later he was return as very bitter and darker where he will destroy Lady once for all.

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