what up everyone!? this is the vultureking hear with a brand new theory for you all. now befor i say the theory i ask that if you want to post a coment bellow please be respectful. i noticed from the steven universe inferno theory that people got a little rude and all i ask is to be honest with the coment but say it in a respectful way. now that im done with saying that it is time for the theory!


this theory comes from the tmnt 2012 nickalodien show. the theory is that the love triangle between donnatelo, april O' neil, and casey jones is based on the love triangle between erik, christine daae, and raoul in the phantom of the opera. phatnom of the opera is a world famous musical by composer andrew lloyd webber about a deformed genius who falls in love with a singer of the paris opera house. in the musical christine falls in love with raoul de chagny a rich viscount wich creates a rivalry with the viscount and the phantom. there rivalry for christine is verry similer to the one of casey jones and donnatelo for april in the tmnt 2012 series.

character comparasonEdit

donatello/phantom: this comparason unlike the others is extreamly obvious. the phatnom was a deformed genius who lived beneath the paris opera house wich is similer to the fact that donnie is a mutant wich symbolizes the phantoms deformity and is forced to live in the sewers. donnie is shown also to have great feelings for april O' neil and like the phantom with christine donnie is shown to not let go of his emotians wich makes things dificult when he meets casey jones. donnie and casey in the show at first are shown to have a great rivalry for april's feelings but in the end she chose casey wich left donnie rather heart broken but chose to let her go just like the phantom in the end of the musical.

april O' neil/ christine daae: this one is slightly tricky to understand but once realized it makes sence. both christine and april are at the center of a love triangle based on rivalry. like christine april is shown to be with donnie alot mainly as she help donnie works on many of his creation's just like how christine is with the phantom as she helps create the music he writes. but the one thing that makes them alike is the fact that april chose casey over donnie with is what happened to the phantom and christine.

casey jones/ raoul: like aprils character conection it is not that easy to see but it dose make sence. like raoul casey is in a love triangle showing as a rival for someone else for there emotians. casey is also shown to have a charming side to him wich gives a conection to raouls charming nature. also like raoul casey is shown to fight alot with donnie over april just like how raoul fights over christine with the phantom. in the end april chose casey over over donnie leaveing donnie heartbroken similer to christines choice in the phantom of the opera.


  • donnie is a mutant (or deformed) and lives in the sewers like the phantom under the opera house
  • donnie and casey fight over april alot like raoul and the phantom
  • april chose casey over donnie like christine did with choseing raoul over the phantom
  • casey is shown to have a natural rivalry with donnie like raoul and the phantom
  • the phantom in the musical is considered a deformed genius like how donnie is a mutated genius

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