I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming episode of DHMIS (DHMIS6). There is people thinking the sixth one will be about birthdays and if it is i think i know how yellow guy might escape. I will base this theroy on CPgames theory that they are being brainwashed by media so if you haven't heard that threory place watch his video first. Ok so yellow guy has been watching a lot of tv and probably been on the computer as well and he seems really happy. But we never see any of his friends that is in the same age. So in the sixth episode the yellow guy realizes that he doesn't have any friend and it's all because of the tv. Yellow guy realizes how lonely he is and also realiz that both green and red guy is gone and he needs to get away from the place he is in.

I know this theory is short and is just big maybe cause we don't know the subject of the sitxh episode but i hope you liked this theory anyway :)